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-=Guild Members Rules=-

Joining our Guild

When a new member joins the guild they enter on a trial membership at the rank of Landlubber.  Landlubbers have a 1 month trial membership in which the existing members and officers of the guild can get to know the new member.  After 10 event points for instance runs (heroic 5-mans or up) with an officer that member will be granted full guild status.  Do not contact officers about these runs as they will contact you when they have time.  While the new member is in his/her trial membership one special rule will apply to him/her.  That is that if any guild rules are broken during the trial membership or complaints are made against the new member he/she can, and likely will, be kicked out of the guild. 

Our roster is capped at 15 players.  We reserve 3 spots for tanks, 5 for healers, and the remaining 7 for dps.  EXCEPTION: Family and relatives of guild members may be invited beyond the roster maximum but will be unable to designate a main and will be put on a "non-raider" (NR) member status.  They may be invited to raids only as a last resort after the raid has started that day and they may not be promoted beyond the rank of "Landlubber".  They may be promoted to a raid slot at a later time if a position opens up for whatever reason.

Alts are allowed in the guild if you have a max level character currently in the guild.  If you remove your main, your alts may be removed at officers discretion.  We are currently only recruiting toons at max level.

THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO REMEMBER WHILE BEING A MEMBER OF ORDER OF THE COAST: COMMUNICATE WITH THE OFFICERS.  MANY PENALTIES, PROBLEMS, AND REQUIREMENTS CAN BE AVOIDED IF YOU COMMUNICATE ANY POTENTIAL ISSUES WITH AN OFFICER.  Ex: Being late/leaving early for a raid, not being able to log on or raid for an extended period, difficulties installing mods, etc.   We know real life obligations and issues comes up and are very understanding, just as long as you let us know about them. 

Public Channel Conduct 

There are three basic rules pertaining to guild and voice chat channels:

  1. Absolutely no derogatory words or sayings.  This includes things like "that's gay" or using the word "fag".
  2. No excessive swearing.  Swearing is permitted but not to a ridiculous level.  Use good judgement.
  3. No arguing in channel.  If you have a problem resolve it in a private channel between each other.  If the problem persists you may contact an officer as a last resort.

Required Mods/Programs 

You will need to download the newest versions of the following mods/programs in order to be a part of the guild raids:

  1. Ventrilo client
  2. Omen Threat Meter
  3. Deadly Boss Mods (Highly suggested!)

Designating a Main Character 

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This is a great place to keep members and visitors up to date on things of interest!
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